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IF YOU WATCH ANYTHING, WATCH THIS…IT IS LONG…BUT YOU NEVER NEED TO WATCH ANYTHING ELSE. The ongoing “Covid-19 pandemic” campaign is a full-scale Satanic rebellion against the creator. That is because when a government is actively fighting to suppress the truth, then it’s working against the creator of the truth, i.e. the creator of the universe. Right now the Satan-controlled corporate media and their slave governments are lying about the pandemic and actively murdering those who try to expose it. History shows that when governments fear the truth and increase repression, their days are limited. some hospitals are actively murdering people in order to maintain the aura of fear and control they need to stay in power. Also, the mindset of people who are part of the new-age Covid-19 religion shows how a majority of the people have lost the ability to think rationally or independently. Even if we take a huge leap of faith and believe this mild, cold-like virus is deadly, there is no medical reason to wear a mask while jogging, biking, or driving alone. And yet, people are going through a form of self-mutilation to do just that. So, let us look at who in the real world has the power to carry out such a campaign. The forensic trail of evidence leads to the P3 Freemasons and the still existing Roman Empire./ Satan Himself The Covid-19 totalitarian campaign we are now witnessing can be traced to military-type hierarchical organizations controlled by the Romans. The most important of these are medical associations. Western medicine evolved out of military medicine. That is why there is a surgeon “general.” At the top of this pyramid is the WHO and the UN with its unelected “Secretary-General.” If doctors refuse to go along with orders they lose their medical licenses and thus their ability to earn a living. So, most doctors go along. Another thing they control is international infrastructure entities such as airports and ports. the worlds’ busiest) This is real economic sabotage at work based on lies. From the Father of Lies. **The bottom line: Nothing changes until those who secretly rule US are prosecuted for 9/11, JFK, OK City, 5G, Chemtrails, Vaccines, GMOs, Glyphosate, Fluoride, SMART Meters, COVID-19….

Truthseeker7777 Published February 9, 2021

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